518. FUTURES 3. Behavioural insights (Estonia). A talk with Helelyn Tammsaar

Helelyn Tammsaar⁠ is an Estonian designer working in the Public Sector Innovation team. The special characteristic of this small ⁠Innovation team ⁠is that it serves all of the ministries in Estonia. She has a background in social anthropology and behavioral sciences which she regularly combines with design thinking. In this interview she tells us about a pilot they have done to address the problem of over speeding. She also describes how a a powerful mind-shift can be created by engaging civil servants in the design process and motivatng them to do fieldwork.

This is the 3rd episode of the serie Futures, in which we interview key players in the design scene working in the public sector in Europe. We have plan this serie with Anni Leppänen as part of her larger research for understanding the current change in the government and the design sector. We wanted to envision collaboratively how this could be in 2030.  This serie has interviews describing cases in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, and the UK.

This interview is part of the lists: Futures, Estonia y diseño, Seguridad y diseño, Diseño y gobierno, Diseño y políticas públicas y Antropología y diseño.  The lists can be found in Spotify, Youtube and our website.

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