516. FUTURES 2. Inclusive Foresight (Finland/Sweden). A talk with Netta Korhonen

Netta Korhonen⁠ is our colleague from the network of designers working in the government. We wanted to invite Nettta for this series as she has done work related to thinking about the future from ⁠Vinnova⁠, the Sweden’s innovation agency. In that organisation she was a specialist in Strategic design. Nowadays she works as an independent  expert in co-design and systemic design. In this interview we talk about preventive health, participatory foresight and roles of designers in the government. Netta is part of the ⁠Renewal lab ⁠and she tells us about it.

This is the 2nd episode of the serie FUTURES, in which we interview key players in the design scene working in the public sector in Europe. We have plan this serie with ⁠Anni Leppänen⁠ as part of her larger research for understanding the current change in the government and the design sector. We wanted to envision collaboratively how this could be in 2030.  This serie has interviews describing cases in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, and the UK.

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This podcast is published with Creative Commons license, with attributions. This podcast has been recorded in Helsinki Open Waves, an audio studio in Caisa Cultural Center, part of Helsinki City. Caisa is a cultural centre that promotes the development of Helsinki into a diverse city by means of the arts and culture.