472. System thinking in the government (Finland). A talk with Sirpa Fourastie

Sirpa Fourastie is a designer with a solid experience leading operations in cross-disciplinary teams. She works in the Finnish Digital Agency leading a group of people, mostly designers working in Transformation and Service Design. She has cocreated the operating model with her team through piloting and scaling capacities. In this interview we talk about the ecosystem of death, the traveling and sharing of data, artificial intelligence and life events. 

This interview is part of the lists: Muerte y diseño, Finlandia y diseño, D&D in English, diseño y gobierno. The lists can be found on our website, in Spotify and in Youtube.

This podcast is published with Creative Commons license, with attributions. This podcast has been recorded in Helsinki Open Waves, an audio studio in Caisa Cultural Center, part of Helsinki City. Caisa is a cultural centre that promotes the development of Helsinki into a diverse city by means of the arts and culture.

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