449. PAZ Y DISEÑO 4. Designing peace (USA). An interview with Cynthia E. Smith

⁠Cynthia E. Smith⁠ is the curator of the exhibition «⁠Designing peace«. She is the Curator of Socially Responsible Design, Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York. In this interview we talk about the research done for the exhibition and how an exhibition can expand the frontiers of design.

Designing Peace explores the unique role design can play in pursuing peace. Visitors will encounter a wide range of design responses from around the world that look at ways to create and sustain a more durable peace, and will be encouraged to consider their own agency in designing peace through interactive installations, quiet moments of reflection, and opportunities for practical action.

This is the 4th episode of the Peace and Design series. There are 5 episodes with people who are dedicated to building peace from different angles and countries. From Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and the US we will listen to key voices in order to understand this complex problem. We have 4 interviews and a live panel that we host online. We thought about and recorded this series with Kevin Fonseca and Santiago de Francisco Vela.

This episode is part of the lists: Paz y diseño, Arte y diseño social, Sin fronteras y EEUU y diseño. The lists can be found in our website, Spotify and Youtube.

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