441. Designing digital services for a city (Finland). An interview with Anni Leppänen

⁠Anni Leppänen⁠ is a lead service designer for the City of Helsinki. She is a passionate change maker, a strategic designer and a specialist in sustainability and systems transitions. She leads a team of designers working with digital services. Her team has service designers, UX/UI designers, content designers and user researchers. She is responsible for digital customer experience. In this interview Anni tell us about the project Proactive services 2023-2025. This is a key project in digital transformation strategy around proactive future services. They are building a design and data led programme around designing with futures, behaviour change and end-to-end services for life events.

Anni recommended to read a couple of articles written on design maturity in the city of Helsinki. Here they are: ⁠1⁠ & ⁠2.⁠ Also Anni wrote ⁠one blog article. ⁠ This is part of the serie of interviews to designers working in the Finnish public sector, on national or municipal level. 5 years ago we created a network of designers working in the public sector, so we know each other from this network.  We have a vibrant community of peer learning and I am super thankful about it. We talk also about this network with Anni in the interview.

This interview is part of the lists: D&D in english, Gobierno y diseño, Finlandia y diseño, Ciudad y diseño, Comunidades de diseñadores y Diseño de servicios.