433. An experiment to support youngsters (Finland). An interview with Taina Martikainen

Taina Martikainen ⁠is a Finnish service designer. She works as lead service designer for ⁠Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland⁠. In this interview we talk about the design of an experiment to better serve the needs for vulnerable young people. 

This is part of the series in which I interview designers working in the Finnish public sector, on national or municipal level. 5 years ago we created a network of designers working in the public sector, so we know each other from this network.  We have a vibrant community of peer learning and I am super thankful about it. I see this serie as an effort to document our work.

This interview is part of the lists: D&D in English, Gobierno y diseño, Niñez y diseño, Diseño de servicios y Finlandia y diseño.

This podcast has been recorded in Helsinki Open Waves, an audio studio in Caisa Cultural Center, part of Helsinki City. Caisa is a cultural centre that promotes the development of Helsinki into a diverse city by means of the arts and culture.