425. Design tools to enhance teamwork (Finland). An interview with Pia Laulainen

Pia Laulainen⁠ is a Service Designer working in the ⁠Ministry of the Interior, ⁠in Finland. In this interview we talked about her work in the Administration and Development Department where she has been involved in the development of the ⁠Internal Security Portal: Tuovi.⁠ Pia also tells us about the creation of a game that she designed with a team for the national security event in Seinäjoki this year. At the end of the interview, Pia reflects on her practice as a designer in a ministry.

This interview is part of the lists: D&D in English, Finlandia y diseño, Gobierno y diseño, y Seguridad y diseño.

This is the 1st interview and part of a serie of interviews to designers working in the Finnish public sector, on national or municipal level. We have a network of designers working in the public sector that started 5 years ago. The ones interviewed in this serie are colleagues that have been active in the network and with whom we have permanent dialogues on design during our weekly online meetings and other activities.  This is a vibrant community of peer learning. This serie is an effort to document the work of these designers and understand the many perspectives and approaches of design in the public sector in Finland.


The music of this podcast is by Antonio Zimmerman

Sound design is by Julian Pereyra

This podcast is published with Creative Commons license, with attributions. This podcast has been recorded in Helsinki Open Waves, an audio studio in Caisa Cultural Center, part of Helsinki City. Caisa is a cultural centre that promotes the development of Helsinki into a diverse city by means of the arts and culture.